Terms and conditions

A gifted clown performs in a circus in Stockholm, SwedenCOPYRIGHT
All contents of this website www.kallekoponen.net and the image archive are protected by Copyright Laws.
The following terms must be agreed before users are given access to download pictures.
The copyright of all pictures available for licensing belongs to the photographer Kalle Koponen.

Images can be downloaded from galleries after adding them to shopping cart and purchasing a license with the in-built price calculator. License fees can vary depending on the type and scope of the usage. Clients are encouraged to inform Kalle Koponen Photography as to how the pictures have been used by sending a copy of the publication containing the images either by normal mail or as a pdf via e-mail.


For special assignments carried out for clients by Kalle Koponen the client will be able to download all the necessary images or they can be transmitted by Kalle Koponen to client servers for layout and publication.

Pictures from assignments are for one time use unless specifically otherwise agreed in writing.


The purchase of archive pictures is for use specified in the license. The use of images from special assignments will be determined case by case.  The images may not be stored in any way after being used and published according to the license or assignment brief.  After using the pictures for the purpose for which they were ordered, they must be deleted.


The credit Kalle Koponen must always be printed alongside the picture.

Pictures downloaded or delivered by Kalle Koponen may not be manipulated without permission, except for cropping, color and brightness.


Kalle Koponen is not liable for any damages of any kind from using www.kallekoponen.net or images supplied via this website.

Kalle Koponen is not liable for breach of any rights held by persons or objects depicted in the photographic material. The client who uses the material is responsible for acquiring the rights to use the photographs.

For further information, contact:
Telephone: +358 40 5070592

E-mail: kalle (at) kallekoponen.net

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