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Published: A New Fight Next to Adolf Hitlers Bunker

Berlin has seen its share of fights, but this one is something not fought with ferocity, rather with mild to medium irritation. Right next to some of the most important tourist attractions, Brandenburg gate, Holocaust memorial and the site of Adolf HitlerĀ“s bunker stands a huge housing development with several hundred flats. The landlord has […]

A night at the Circus…

I never went to circus until my daughter became old enough to merit a visit. Since then I have been a great fan. There is something distinctly old fashioned and enchanting in the passion and skill of the artists. No hi-tec, no touch-screens, no keyboards. Just endless hours of practice and a love to perform. […]

Oh no, please, not that one…

The Carnival of Cultures was spectacular in Berlin this year as the weather did not ruin anything. It was not really warm, but it was nevertheless agreeable. Leaving the area and thousands of fellow berliners I bumped in to a blue tent where Mama Blume was working. She is a fortune-teller of some fame and […]

Berlin Carnival of Cultures rocks

The annual Carnival of Cultures is on in Berlin. That is one enormous potpourri of ethnic diversity, multicultural performances and music from all over the planet. It is loud, colorful and at times exhausting. But it can be great fun to taste trange foods, drink refreshing and dizzying cocktails and listen to wild drumming. Highly […]