Clients and partners:

L´Actualite in Montréal, Canada

Galerie Treykorn in Berlin, Germany

Overbrook Entertainment in Beverly Hills, USA

Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, USA

Corbis in New York, USA

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights in Vienna, Austria

Lonely Planet Magazine in London, UK

Marie Claire Maison in Paris, France

Talouselämä in Helsinki, Finland

Caters News Agency in Birmingham, UK

Kauppalehti in Helsinki, Finland

SGP Italia in Milan, Italy

La Banque Suisse in Geneve, Switzerland

Sauerbruch Hutton in Berlin, Germany

Berker in Schalksmühle, Germany

Handelstzeitung in Zürich, Switzerland

Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin, Germany

Global Crop Diversity Trust in Rome, Italy

Helsingin Sanomat in Helsinki, Finland

Glorian ruoka ja viini in Helsinki, Finland

Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo in Helsinki, Finland

Embassy of Finland in Berlin, Germany

Benvenuto Club of Milan in Milan, Italy

Glorian antiikki in Helsinki, Finland

Me Naiset in Helsinki, Finland

Suomen kuvalehti in Helsinki, Finland

European Commission Helsinki office, in Finland

Photography Directory

Unionimedia in Helsinki, Finland

STT-Lehtikuva image agency in Helsinki, Finland





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