The little girl was crying for her father

I could hear the girl crying. Her father was driving our car and had earphones connected to his mobile phone. The father was crying too, wiping his eyes while avoiding wrecks and potholes Gaza streets and trying to comfort his daughter weeping on the phone. The girl wanted her father, not on the phone, but […]

Looking down the bottomless pit in Greece…

I saw a woman almost kill herself in Athens because of the austerity measures imposed on Greece. It shook me badly. Her office is due to be closed down and she faces unemployment together with her husband working in the same office. As if not having enough troubles, the family desperately needed these jobs to […]

He hits hard and he rarely misses

I have never followed very closely the world of professional boxing. I did enjoy hugely, however,  the change to photograph one of the rising stars, a Finnish heavy weight colossus Robert Helenius as he was training in a secluded sport center outside Berlin, Germany. The story was published recently in the magazine of the leading […]

What a party!

I went to a party the other day. Everybody was in a fantastic mood, the weather was as good as it gets and there was plenty of beer to drink. Everybody was also dressed up as whatever came to their mind on a bad hangover morning, it seems. Well, this is nothing spectacular as such. […]

LCMDF prepares for the bright future…

These young women make become the next big thing from the North. Mia and Emma Kemppainen are the duo LCMDF  (Les corps mince de Francoise) and they have just published their debut album, Love and Nature. It is hip, it has received good reviews and I had the pleasure of photographing the future stars on […]

Jüri Reinvere makes music from tragedy

I recently had the privilege to photograph a talented composer and poet Jüri Reinvere in Berlin. The profile was published in the leading Finnish news weekly Suomen Kuvalehti. Reinvere was born in Estonia during the Soviet occupation and this tragic period occupies him now in his work. Reinvere is writing an opera based on the […]

Scenes of gloom in an abandoned German town

I went recently to Dessau in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. This former East German industrial town is a prime example of what has been happening for two decades now in the former East Germany: industries have collapsed, jobs have been lost and young people have moved out. Apartment blocks have been torn down, because […]

Published: A New Fight Next to Adolf Hitlers Bunker

Berlin has seen its share of fights, but this one is something not fought with ferocity, rather with mild to medium irritation. Right next to some of the most important tourist attractions, Brandenburg gate, Holocaust memorial and the site of Adolf Hitler´s bunker stands a huge housing development with several hundred flats. The landlord has […]

Published work, 1

I am launching a new series of blog posts presenting recent or past publications of my work. The first in the series will be the latest image sale, a picture of a female heavy singer Jonsu of the band Indica. The outfit performed at the Spindler & Klatt Club in Berlin, Germany where I happened […]