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Now that´s what I call serious heels….

Behind the scenes: German chancellor Angela Merkel could not but admire the heels her colleague, president Cristina Kirchner of Argentina was wearing. Kirchners shoes were without question suitable for killing small mammals. Her determined rule in Argentina since 2007 may indeed have left some casualties along the road. The current iron lady of Latin America […]

Germany celebrated 20 years of unity

Germans spent this weekend celebrating their unified country. Along the road there has been many controversies, disappointments and even failures. The fact remains, however, that the historic unification 1990 has been largely a great success considering the enormity of the task. In a spectacular final for the celebrations, the political elite and lots of commoners […]

Scenes of gloom in an abandoned German town

I went recently to Dessau in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. This former East German industrial town is a prime example of what has been happening for two decades now in the former East Germany: industries have collapsed, jobs have been lost and young people have moved out. Apartment blocks have been torn down, because […]

A tired music legend and some PocketWizards

A living legend of the music industry Quincy Jones visited Berlin recently and I had the pleasure of photographing him. Among many others, that is, and understandably the whole show was a clear burden to the man. Anyway, he has tons of fascinating stories to tell and a mindboggling careeer spanning several decades and involving […]

Published: A New Fight Next to Adolf Hitlers Bunker

Berlin has seen its share of fights, but this one is something not fought with ferocity, rather with mild to medium irritation. Right next to some of the most important tourist attractions, Brandenburg gate, Holocaust memorial and the site of Adolf Hitler´s bunker stands a huge housing development with several hundred flats. The landlord has […]

Amazing place of worship in Lithuania

Anyone heading out to Lithuania should not miss the fascinating Hill of Crosses near Siauliai. A tiny hill in the middle of green fields has gradually turned into a forest of crosses. People keep bringing them and others come to watch in awe, worship or both. Some crosses are tiny, just a couple of centimeters […]

A night at the Circus…

I never went to circus until my daughter became old enough to merit a visit. Since then I have been a great fan. There is something distinctly old fashioned and enchanting in the passion and skill of the artists. No hi-tec, no touch-screens, no keyboards. Just endless hours of practice and a love to perform. […]

Oh no, please, not that one…

The Carnival of Cultures was spectacular in Berlin this year as the weather did not ruin anything. It was not really warm, but it was nevertheless agreeable. Leaving the area and thousands of fellow berliners I bumped in to a blue tent where Mama Blume was working. She is a fortune-teller of some fame and […]

After the apocalypse?

To have a tropical climate indoors is nothing new. Every farmer with glashouses has it. But to have it on a massive scale and just for fun evokes some mixed feelings. A failed project to build zeppelins in a huge hangar in Krausnick, Brandenburg gave birth to an indoor tropical resort. It´s all there, the […]

Some arctic whale skin for lunch, perhaps?

For many, whale skin resembles mostly the soles of our shoes. It is tough, hard to cut and even harder to chew. In the frozen arctic of Greenland whale skin is a delicacy, however. It is not always available, it is not cheap and it is something saved for special occasions. I had the privilege […]

One of those embarrassing moments…

It was a busy and chaotic day today in Berlin and I was rushing to the presidential palace, Schloss Bellevue, in a leafy part of the city. The Nobel Literature Prize winner Hertha Müller was about to be presented the Cross of Merit by the Bundespresident Horst Köhler. The security check at the palace gates […]

Left and right extremists in Berlin kept police busy

Although not quite as intense as previous year, this May 1st saw all the traditional signs of unrest in Berlin. According to local media, 7370 police officers were dispatched to maintain order. Of those 98 were injured, a significantly smaller number than previous year. Neonazis marched in a traditionally working class and left wing neighbourhood […]

Berlin is preparing for unrest…

Next weekend is expected to see the the regular running battles on Berlin streets when right and left wing radicals will try to harass each other and the police which is attempting to prevent all this from happening. Over 400 policemen were injured last year on may 1st riots. This blog and website is planning […]