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The little girl was crying for her father

I could hear the girl crying. Her father was driving our car and had earphones connected to his mobile phone. The father was crying too, wiping his eyes while avoiding wrecks and potholes Gaza streets and trying to comfort his daughter weeping on the phone. The girl wanted her father, not on the phone, but […]

Sad things are happening in Greece

One thing became clear on my latest trip to Athens: poverty is increasing. More shops had been closed since my last trip. More beggars were on the streets. More aggressive graffiti adorned the walls everywhere. More people are trying to make a living with a smaller salary than before and ever more people are totally […]

Looking down the bottomless pit in Greece…

I saw a woman almost kill herself in Athens because of the austerity measures imposed on Greece. It shook me badly. Her office is due to be closed down and she faces unemployment together with her husband working in the same office. As if not having enough troubles, the family desperately needed these jobs to […]

Between the rock and a hard place

The Roma are having a hard time again in Europe. In Bulgaria and Czech Republic there have been mob scenes with local people wanting to lynch Roma. Riot police has been deployed several times recent weeks to keep the parties away from harming each other. Mainly the police has been protecting the Roma. The Roma […]

Former leader of Iceland Geir Haarde

This is a portrait I made earlier this year in Reykjavik, Iceland and which I rather like. The former prime minister of Iceland Geir Haarde gave an in depth interview to the Finnish daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and I was assigned to make the photographs. I had to shoot during interview which took place in a […]

What a party!

I went to a party the other day. Everybody was in a fantastic mood, the weather was as good as it gets and there was plenty of beer to drink. Everybody was also dressed up as whatever came to their mind on a bad hangover morning, it seems. Well, this is nothing spectacular as such. […]

Now that´s what I call serious heels….

Behind the scenes: German chancellor Angela Merkel could not but admire the heels her colleague, president Cristina Kirchner of Argentina was wearing. Kirchners shoes were without question suitable for killing small mammals. Her determined rule in Argentina since 2007 may indeed have left some casualties along the road. The current iron lady of Latin America […]

Scenes of gloom in an abandoned German town

I went recently to Dessau in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. This former East German industrial town is a prime example of what has been happening for two decades now in the former East Germany: industries have collapsed, jobs have been lost and young people have moved out. Apartment blocks have been torn down, because […]

A bitter taste of defeat.

In 2006 I was in Germany during the World Cup games and history was made. German flags were everywhere, fans supported the home team with wild enthusiasm and without any historic senss of shame. It was a great relief for the nation to be able to support the national team and be proud again to […]

Berlin Carnival of Cultures rocks

The annual Carnival of Cultures is on in Berlin. That is one enormous potpourri of ethnic diversity, multicultural performances and music from all over the planet. It is loud, colorful and at times exhausting. But it can be great fun to taste trange foods, drink refreshing and dizzying cocktails and listen to wild drumming. Highly […]

Finnish female heavies take over Germany

Finnish all female heavy band Indica is about to conquer Germany. A major label, Nuclear Blast, has begun promoting the Nordic beauties in Central Europe. It will be exciting to see the results. Indica – Images by Kalle Koponen

Never ending conflict…

Uploading some older material to this archive I bumped to this frame of a running palestinian youth rushing away from the tear gas shot by Israeli border troops. Both sides are angry, waiving flags and shooting at each other. Mr. Obama wants a comprehensive peace deal to be a reality “soon, not in some vague […]