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Sweat, tears and plenty of blood too…

Boxing is a really hard way to make a living. Some recent images here…

The little girl was crying for her father

I could hear the girl crying. Her father was driving our car and had earphones connected to his mobile phone. The father was crying too, wiping his eyes while avoiding wrecks and potholes Gaza streets and trying to comfort his daughter weeping on the phone. The girl wanted her father, not on the phone, but […]

Sad things are happening in Greece

One thing became clear on my latest trip to Athens: poverty is increasing. More shops had been closed since my last trip. More beggars were on the streets. More aggressive graffiti adorned the walls everywhere. More people are trying to make a living with a smaller salary than before and ever more people are totally […]

Beauty and passion at the opera

Volker Schlöndorf directed Geoge Bizet´s opera Carmen for the Seebühne in Wannsee, Berlin. The location is fantastic, outside with the setting sun forming the backdrop of the stage. Full of dance, passion, shadows and light, Schlöndorfs Carmen was visual delight. See here for more images.

A colossal orgy of beer in Munich

I have been running around Switzerland, France and Germany this week for work and fittingly enough, after I was finished, I had just enough time to visit the second to last day of Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. My goodness, it was huge! An unimaginable amount of beer is flooding to people dressed in dirndl dresses […]

Even the leader has to relax sometimes…

Angela Merkel is more or less the leader of Europe. Her line has been to keep a close eye or the money bag. Some of this may be explained by her youth in the not so wealthy conditions in the former East Germany. I recently visited Templin, her childhood home town, where the house of […]

Berlin is still the capital of cool

  Berlin is still one of the most exciting capitals in Europe. Vibrant night life, alternative lifestyles and world class art draw huge crowds to the city every year. Check out my new image gallery of this fascinating city.

Faye: something fresh from Sweden again…

With a suprisingly strong voice, young Faye captured my attention recently in a Berlin club. To be honest, I did not know of her previously. But I am glad I do now. I am told she used to be a member of Play. Now she is pursuing a solo career in the roster of Best […]

Exploring the old ways in Maramures

One of the most striking things about the place had nothing to do with photography. It was the soundscape. The lack of any modern humming of industrial and urban background noise. The place is Maramures, a remote area of Romania bordering Ukraine. To a remarkable extent Maramures has escaped many facets of  contemporary life and […]

I don´t do landscapes…

I have always said I do not shoot landscape images. I still say I don´t but nevertheless there are some images in my catalogue that fit the category. So I decided to establish a slowly growing gallery of these rare and random cases when I have ventured into the difficult and time consuming art of […]

Looking down the bottomless pit in Greece…

I saw a woman almost kill herself in Athens because of the austerity measures imposed on Greece. It shook me badly. Her office is due to be closed down and she faces unemployment together with her husband working in the same office. As if not having enough troubles, the family desperately needed these jobs to […]

Beautiful dress, beautiful light

When I saw the light dappling the staircase through the trees I knew I had found my shooting location. The site radiated beauty only light can deliver. So the rest was easy. My mission was to photograph a classic Dirndl dress, an old Austrian / South German servants uniform which has been on and off […]

He hits hard and he rarely misses

I have never followed very closely the world of professional boxing. I did enjoy hugely, however,  the change to photograph one of the rising stars, a Finnish heavy weight colossus Robert Helenius as he was training in a secluded sport center outside Berlin, Germany. The story was published recently in the magazine of the leading […]

Between the rock and a hard place

The Roma are having a hard time again in Europe. In Bulgaria and Czech Republic there have been mob scenes with local people wanting to lynch Roma. Riot police has been deployed several times recent weeks to keep the parties away from harming each other. Mainly the police has been protecting the Roma. The Roma […]

Computer games is a huge industy

I had the pleasure of recently diving in to the world of computer games in Cologne. Gamescom is the largest annual trade fair of this industry in Europe. It is something for young men and committed ones at that. The industry threw long legged models at the visitors, one more beautiful than the other, but […]

Germany goes green

Energy spokesman Werner Frohwitter among wind turbines Fukushima disaster heated the nuclear debate in Germany off the scale and it did not take long for the government to turn it´s energy policy and declare the end of nuclear power by 2022. Alternative solutions are tried all over the country. I recently photographed a story of […]

Another morning in Athens…

Greece is struggling to pay the bills and it clearly is not an easy task. Tourism and the services industry are just about the only things producing income and even that is effected negatively by world wide financial troubles. The tourists who come are spending less. A recent assignment to Greece produced a set of images highlighting the […]

Berlin Fashion Week in full swing

Some of the designs are actually quite stunning! Berlin fashion week brings the in crowd of young cutting edge designers to town to showcase their latest creations. As always, for a dilettante like me, some seem to be awful, some are plain and dull, but some are truly delightful. My own favourite during the first […]

Beautiful water in stop motion

It is always interesting to try out different photographic techniques. Lately I have been interested in hi-speed syncing the Speedlites, the small Canon flashes. This image of a young girl playing in the pool is an example of the extremes that these little machines can go. Everybody knows that the power of Speedlites is nowhere […]

Serb nationalists are furious

After the arrest of Bosnian serb general Ratko Mladic the serb nationalists have been stunned with anger. After an initial silence, a riot broke out in Belgrade last Sunday resulting in about hundred arrests, broken windows and a vandalized city centre. The atmosphere was aggressive and some  western journalists, including me, faced threats and cut-throat […]

Former leader of Iceland Geir Haarde

This is a portrait I made earlier this year in Reykjavik, Iceland and which I rather like. The former prime minister of Iceland Geir Haarde gave an in depth interview to the Finnish daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat and I was assigned to make the photographs. I had to shoot during interview which took place in a […]

What a party!

I went to a party the other day. Everybody was in a fantastic mood, the weather was as good as it gets and there was plenty of beer to drink. Everybody was also dressed up as whatever came to their mind on a bad hangover morning, it seems. Well, this is nothing spectacular as such. […]

LCMDF prepares for the bright future…

These young women make become the next big thing from the North. Mia and Emma Kemppainen are the duo LCMDF  (Les corps mince de Francoise) and they have just published their debut album, Love and Nature. It is hip, it has received good reviews and I had the pleasure of photographing the future stars on […]

The Beauty of Milan

It was rainy and grey, but still, Milan was attractive. It is a city showcasing the best and the worst of what Italy can offer. All of the leading fashion houses are headquartered there. Milan is a never ending march of feminine aesthetics. But prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is also from Milan – so there […]