Faye: something fresh from Sweden again…

Swedish singer Faye Hamlin performs at the Bi Nuu club in Berlin. Born 1987, Faye has toured a lot among other things as the lead singer of the late band Play. Currently signed to Best Fit Recordings she is a young up and coming talent to watch. (Kalle Koponen)

Faye Hamlin performs at the Bi Nuu club in Berlin

With a suprisingly strong voice, young Faye captured my attention recently in a Berlin club. To be honest, I did not know of her previously. But I am glad I do now. I am told she used to be a member of Play. Now she is pursuing a solo career in the roster of Best Fit Recordings. You can listen to a sample of her music on that site too.

I did not come to the club Bi Nuu for her but after she began her set, I knew I had to make some images. Who knows, she might become something big one of these day. Check out the images in this separate image gallery of Faye.


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