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Even the leader has to relax sometimes…

Angela Merkel is more or less the leader of Europe. Her line has been to keep a close eye or the money bag. Some of this may be explained by her youth in the not so wealthy conditions in the former East Germany. I recently visited Templin, her childhood home town, where the house of […]

Berlin is still the capital of cool

  Berlin is still one of the most exciting capitals in Europe. Vibrant night life, alternative lifestyles and world class art draw huge crowds to the city every year. Check out my new image gallery of this fascinating city.

Faye: something fresh from Sweden again…

With a suprisingly strong voice, young Faye captured my attention recently in a Berlin club. To be honest, I did not know of her previously. But I am glad I do now. I am told she used to be a member of Play. Now she is pursuing a solo career in the roster of Best […]