Beautiful dress, beautiful light

A Berlin actress wears a Dirndl dress, a traditional female dress worn in Bavaria, Liechtenstein, Austria and South Tyron. Originally a uniform of Austrian servants and commonly worn by working women, Dirnd became high fashion in Austria in the 1870s. Currently it is high fashion in Berlin. (Kalle Koponen)

A Dirndl dress is a classic and in fashion again.

When I saw the light dappling the staircase through the trees I knew I had found my shooting location. The site radiated beauty only light can deliver. So the rest was easy. My mission was to photograph a classic Dirndl dress, an old Austrian / South German servants uniform which has been on and off high fashion during the centuries. These days it is again quite popular in Germany. You can buy cheap ones from the internet or you can pay through your nose in the up-market boutiques in Berlin. Which ever you choose, the result can be stunning. A Dirndl can take your mind to many levels, from simple country living of before to gloomy memories of the Third Reich with its Aryan ideals. I shot these images carefully to register the sunny spots in the background and the models while hitting them relatively hard with a flash at the same time. I kind of like these myself, feel free to post your comments below. Check out the full set of Dirndl images here.

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