He hits hard and he rarely misses

Heavy weight boxer Robert Helenius r. spars with Marco Huck at Kienbaum sport center (Kalle Koponen)

Robert Helenius, right, exercises with a fellow boxer Marco Huck.

I have never followed very closely the world of professional boxing. I did enjoy hugely, however,  the change to photograph one of the rising stars, a Finnish heavy weight colossus Robert Helenius as he was training in a secluded sport center outside Berlin, Germany. The story was published recently in the magazine of the leading Scandinavian broadsheed Helsingin Sanomat. It is a touch way of life. They exercise like monks, work hard, and the pressure is immense. Nevertheless, Helenius is a kind person and pleasant company indeed. Check out more images of boxer Robert Helenius here!


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