Germany goes green

Energy project spokesman Werner Frohwitter on a field of Wind turbines in Feldheim. The small village of Feldheim struggles to be self-sufficient in energy by exploiting wind-turbines, solar panels and bio-gas. (Kalle Koponen)
Energy spokesman Werner Frohwitter among wind turbines

Fukushima disaster heated the nuclear debate in Germany off the scale and it did not take long for the government to turn it´s energy policy and declare the end of nuclear power by 2022. Alternative solutions are tried all over the country. I recently photographed a story of Feldheim, a small village in the German state of Brandenburg, which has become self-sufficient in energy. The story ran in the Finnish weekly newsmagazine Suomen kuvalehti.

They have their own wind turbines, an electricity and heating station using biofuel, that is the produce from the cattle in the village and some corn field. Interesting project indeed. Check out more images of energy self-sufficient village of Feldheim here.

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