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Germany goes green

Energy spokesman Werner Frohwitter among wind turbines Fukushima disaster heated the nuclear debate in Germany off the scale and it did not take long for the government to turn it´s energy policy and declare the end of nuclear power by 2022. Alternative solutions are tried all over the country. I recently photographed a story of […]

Another morning in Athens…

Greece is struggling to pay the bills and it clearly is not an easy task. Tourism and the services industry are just about the only things producing income and even that is effected negatively by world wide financial troubles. The tourists who come are spending less. A recent assignment to Greece produced a set of images highlighting the […]

Berlin Fashion Week in full swing

Some of the designs are actually quite stunning! Berlin fashion week brings the in crowd of young cutting edge designers to town to showcase their latest creations. As always, for a dilettante like me, some seem to be awful, some are plain and dull, but some are truly delightful. My own favourite during the first […]