Beautiful water in stop motion

A girl throws water with her hair in a pool.

A girl throws water with her hair in a pool.

It is always interesting to try out different photographic techniques. Lately I have been interested in hi-speed syncing the Speedlites, the small Canon flashes. This image of a young girl playing in the pool is an example of the extremes that these little machines can go. Everybody knows that the power of Speedlites is nowhere near to be able to compete with the sun. With hi-speed sync one can turn the tables a little, however. This image is made under the full nuclear blast of Italian mid-afternoon sun with A LOT of light around. Against the sun, exposure is 1/3200 s at f/9,0, maybe a couple of stops under the ambient. Four Speedlites are set in a hatchet configuration, two on each sides at 90 degrees. The little machines were giving all they had in hi-speed mode, turning the Speedlites essentially continous light sources as opposed to their normal function as s single flash. Camera body was Canon EOS1d Mk IV, lens Canon EF 70-200 f 2,8 IS L. The flashes were triggered with PocketWizard ¬†FlexTT5 radios. The result is nice, I think, and I am going to make further tests with this technique…

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