Serb nationalists are furious

An elderly man sits stunned on the street after small explosion next to him. A riot and running battle with police broke out after a ultra-nationalist meeting in Belgrade, when radical nationalists vented their frustration about the arrest of former Bosnian serb general Ratko Mladic. (Kalle Koponen)

Serb nationalist demonstrators are hit by tear gas in Belgrade.

After the arrest of Bosnian serb general Ratko Mladic the serb nationalists have been stunned with anger. After an initial silence, a riot broke out in Belgrade last Sunday resulting in about hundred arrests, broken windows and a vandalized city centre. The atmosphere was aggressive and some  western journalists, including me, faced threats and cut-throat gestures. However, Serbia needs to get closer to EU, the nationalist´s support is in decline and most people in the country face more pressing problems with daily life. See images from Serbia here…

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