What a party!

Beer is the drink of choice and wild costumes the fashion in Cologne bars during the crazy days of carnival season. The Carnival season in Cologne peaks on "Rosenmontag" when about a million people in funny costumes gather to celebrate a procession of hundreds of groups taking several hours. (Kalle Koponen)

Since when are floor mops having beer!?

I went to a party the other day. Everybody was in a fantastic mood, the weather was as good as it gets and there was plenty of beer to drink. Everybody was also dressed up as whatever came to their mind on a bad hangover morning, it seems. Well, this is nothing spectacular as such. The thing is, there was about one million of my closest friends there. I am talking about the Carnival in Cologne where I was on assignment for the European Commission Helsinki office website. It was a great party, those people really know how to have fun! You can have a look at more images from the Carnival in Cologne here.

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