LCMDF prepares for the bright future…

The Finnish pop duo LCMDF  (Le Corps Mince De Francoised) has received great reviews and is publishing its debut album in spring 2011. The members, sisters  Mia and Emma pose here on a Berlin rooftop. They live in Berlin, Germany when not touring. (Kalle Koponen)

Mia and Emma take on the world from Berlin

These young women make become the next big thing from the North. Mia and Emma Kemppainen are the duo LCMDF  (Les corps mince de Francoise) and they have just published their debut album, Love and Nature. It is hip, it has received good reviews and I had the pleasure of photographing the future stars on a Berlin roof top for the cover of a magazine. NYT weekly made a multi page story of these synth pop musicians from Finland. These Finns tour all around Europe but they have desided to live in Berlin, a Mecca for creative people from all over the world. They use a Berlin studio Kaiku, also run by Finns.

This portrait was made on a roof top terrace of a cheap hotel in Berlin Mitte. Two lights: the sun was behind the models on right just a little diffused by scattered clouds and acting as a separation light. The main light was a Westcott Apollo 27 ” softbox  above on camera left. Inside the softbox there was two Canon 508 II Speedlites, triggered by Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 radios and powered by a Quantum Turbo 3 battery. Studio quality light with equipment that one man can actually carry to a location. More images of LCMDF pop duo here…

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