The Beauty of Milan

Milan´s massive cathedral is a landmark in the center of the city. The construction of the Duomo began in 1386. Milan is the fashion capital of Italy and most first rate design houses have their flagship shops there. (Kalle Koponen)

The Duomo is one of the largest cathedrals in Europe.

It was rainy and grey, but still, Milan was attractive. It is a city showcasing the best and the worst of what Italy can offer. All of the leading fashion houses are headquartered there. Milan is a never ending march of feminine aesthetics. But prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is also from Milan – so there you have it. There´s always a balance.

I had the privilege to produce a travel story about Milan recently for a Finnish weekly Me Naiset. It was a fundamentally pleasant assignment if not a little exhausting. I mean, how many rodent killing, floorboard piercing high heeled boots can one take in a day or two?. More images of Milan, the fashion capital of Europe can be found here.

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