Jüri Reinvere makes music from tragedy

Estonian born composer and poet Juri Reinvere stands by a remaining section of the notorious Berlin wall. (Kalle Koponen)

Juri Reinvere lives and works in Berlin

I recently had the privilege to photograph a talented composer and poet Jüri Reinvere in Berlin. The profile was published in the leading Finnish news weekly Suomen Kuvalehti. Reinvere was born in Estonia during the Soviet occupation and this tragic period occupies him now in his work. Reinvere is writing an opera based on the novel Purge by a fellow Estonia-connected creator, Sofi Oksanen.

Purge is a hair raising horror story of a family under the pressure of communist dictatorship. Definitely not one of your feel good fairy tales. At times it is so tough the reader hesitates if he has to guts to go on. But it is no doubt world class literature and recommended reading for anyone wishing for an understanding of the nations and people who lived under the Soviet and live now under the Russian shadow.

In his own life, Reinvere wanted to break through walls and that made the Berlin Wall a suitable location for photography. See more images of Jüri Reinvere here.

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