Now that´s what I call serious heels….

How does one walk with those?

Behind the scenes: German chancellor Angela Merkel could not but admire the heels her colleague, president Cristina Kirchner of Argentina was wearing. Kirchners shoes were without question suitable for killing small mammals. Her determined rule in Argentina since 2007 may indeed have left some casualties along the road. The current iron lady of Latin America visited Berlin and was in lively and stark contrast with her North European boring-busines-as usual counterpart Merkel. Even no-nonsense Merkel was struggling to contain laughter when Kirchner went on and on and on… See the heels here.

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One Response to “Now that´s what I call serious heels….”

  1. Always wear clothes in which you feel comfortable in and yet it enhances your personality. You would definitely look good in such outfits. Before purchasing the clothes it is important to read its washing and after care instructions… Just my 2 cents : )

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