Published: A New Fight Next to Adolf Hitlers Bunker

Daniel Dagan leads a protest movement against vacation flats in his house in Berlin. Traveller groups rent flats in the house and crowd the parking lot as a major tourist attraction, Hitlers bunker is located under it. Several additional attractions are close by. Inhabitants of the housing project are increasingly irritated about the commotion of tourists. (Kalle Koponen)

Daniel Dagan leads the protest in Berlin Mitte

Berlin has seen its share of fights, but this one is something not fought with ferocity, rather with mild to medium irritation. Right next to some of the most important tourist attractions, Brandenburg gate, Holocaust memorial and the site of Adolf Hitler´s bunker stands a huge housing development with several hundred flats. The landlord has seen a way to make more money letting many of the flats for tourists in stead of former eastberliners. Short lease, more money. Permanent residents have to put up with new neigbours on a weekly basis, rattling suitcases in the stairs and the occasional loud drinking binges. It pisses them off, understandably and they have started to protest. The jury is still out, so I´ll have to get back when there are some results. This story ran recently in the leading Nordic daily, Helsingin Sanomat. Click for more images.

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