A bitter taste of defeat.


German soccer fans are devastated by a Serbian goal.

In 2006 I was in Germany during the World Cup games and history was made. German flags were everywhere, fans supported the home team with wild enthusiasm and without any historic senss of shame. It was a great relief for the nation to be able to support the national team and be proud again to be German. It was something new at that time, now it is already routine. Berlin is covered in the yellow-red-black, and so are many of those who live here. On friday, however, there was an unexpected setback when Serbia won the day and wiped the smiles from the faces of german fans. Next to the Berlin Olympic stadium the mood sunk several degrees below zero when Serbian striker Milan Jovanovic made the day for the Balkans. Germany will play again against Ghana and that game will be very decisive indeed. More to come, as I try to find time to follow the fans with my camera…

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