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Published work, 1

I am launching a new series of blog posts presenting recent or past publications of my work. The first in the series will be the latest image sale, a picture of a female heavy singer Jonsu of the band Indica. The outfit performed at the Spindler & Klatt Club in Berlin, Germany where I happened […]

A bitter taste of defeat.

In 2006 I was in Germany during the World Cup games and history was made. German flags were everywhere, fans supported the home team with wild enthusiasm and without any historic senss of shame. It was a great relief for the nation to be able to support the national team and be proud again to […]

A night at the Circus…

I never went to circus until my daughter became old enough to merit a visit. Since then I have been a great fan. There is something distinctly old fashioned and enchanting in the passion and skill of the artists. No hi-tec, no touch-screens, no keyboards. Just endless hours of practice and a love to perform. […]