After the apocalypse?

Holiday makers stroll inside a huge zeppelin hangar turned resort

Tropical Islands indoor resort in Krausnick, Brandenburg

To have a tropical climate indoors is nothing new. Every farmer with glashouses has it. But to have it on a massive scale and just for fun evokes some mixed feelings. A failed project to build zeppelins in a huge hangar in Krausnick, Brandenburg gave birth to an indoor tropical resort. It´s all there, the sandy beach, the bars with silly drinks and even a camping ground with safari style tents for those who cannot leave the place. Obviously, the kids are crazy happy to play in the sand and swim in the balmy waters. And there´s no denying that warm is better than cold. But this place is also creepy. It feels like something from a gloomy science fiction. Something on the planet has gone seriously wrong and this is the place we now live in. Insulated from the outside realities and surrounded by all things of the paradise to make us forget. Only the grey steel wall around and above you reminds you that all is not what it seems… I definitely want to go back to this place to make more images. Without the crazy happy kids…

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