Some arctic whale skin for lunch, perhaps?

Whale skin is considered a luxury item on a Greenland buffet table.

Lunch guests cut the skin from the tail.

For many, whale skin resembles mostly the soles of our shoes. It is tough, hard to cut and even harder to chew. In the frozen arctic of Greenland whale skin is a delicacy, however. It is not always available, it is not cheap and it is something saved for special occasions. I had the privilege of attending the confirmation ceremony of a feisty teenage girl in Ilullissat, Greenland some time ago, and at her party whale skin was the main attraction. Climate change, issues with fishing and whaling, melting of the ice sheet are all problems that greenlanders have to deal with. But when friends and family gather for a celebration, a tail of a small whale is on the buffet table and it is the tough skin that is cut for the culinary climax.

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