One of those embarrassing moments…

Nobel prize laureate Hertha Mueller and president Horst Köhler

Are they laughing at me?

It was a busy and chaotic day today in Berlin and I was rushing to the presidential palace, Schloss Bellevue, in a leafy part of the city. The Nobel Literature Prize winner Hertha Müller was about to be presented the Cross of Merit by the Bundespresident Horst Köhler. The security check at the palace gates was not opened yet and a handful of press people – or so I thought – were waiting to get in. I was a little early and in a moment of confusion thought some to the others might be going to an event with the president of Kosovo. I asked someone I thought might be a literary editor of a notable German publication and she said no, she was going to the Hertha Müller event. It took me some moments so realize that of course she was going to the Hertha Müller event because she WAS Hertha Müller. She was absolutely cool about both my embarrassing  ignorance and the fact that she had to stand in line for security with some idiot journalists. A clear sign of greatness, is it not!

Images of Hertha Müller can be found in the galleries section of this website.

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2 Responses to “One of those embarrassing moments…”

  1. Tanja says:

    I never know The People. So I don’t wonder your mistake. 🙂

    But this standing in the line I call the Real Equality. Not allways so useful but fair.

  2. I know! But you´d expect to see that somewhere like Sweden! Germany is not my idea of the burning spearhead of egalitarianism.

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