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Oh no, please, not that one…

The Carnival of Cultures was spectacular in Berlin this year as the weather did not ruin anything. It was not really warm, but it was nevertheless agreeable. Leaving the area and thousands of fellow berliners I bumped in to a blue tent where Mama Blume was working. She is a fortune-teller of some fame and […]

Berlin Carnival of Cultures rocks

The annual Carnival of Cultures is on in Berlin. That is one enormous potpourri of ethnic diversity, multicultural performances and music from all over the planet. It is loud, colorful and at times exhausting. But it can be great fun to taste trange foods, drink refreshing and dizzying cocktails and listen to wild drumming. Highly […]

After the apocalypse?

To have a tropical climate indoors is nothing new. Every farmer with glashouses has it. But to have it on a massive scale and just for fun evokes some mixed feelings. A failed project to build zeppelins in a huge hangar in Krausnick, Brandenburg gave birth to an indoor tropical resort. It´s all there, the […]

Some arctic whale skin for lunch, perhaps?

For many, whale skin resembles mostly the soles of our shoes. It is tough, hard to cut and even harder to chew. In the frozen arctic of Greenland whale skin is a delicacy, however. It is not always available, it is not cheap and it is something saved for special occasions. I had the privilege […]

Finnish female heavies take over Germany

Finnish all female heavy band Indica is about to conquer Germany. A major label, Nuclear Blast, has begun promoting the Nordic beauties in Central Europe. It will be exciting to see the results. Indica – Images by Kalle Koponen

One of those embarrassing moments…

It was a busy and chaotic day today in Berlin and I was rushing to the presidential palace, Schloss Bellevue, in a leafy part of the city. The Nobel Literature Prize winner Hertha Müller was about to be presented the Cross of Merit by the Bundespresident Horst Köhler. The security check at the palace gates […]

Left and right extremists in Berlin kept police busy

Although not quite as intense as previous year, this May 1st saw all the traditional signs of unrest in Berlin. According to local media, 7370 police officers were dispatched to maintain order. Of those 98 were injured, a significantly smaller number than previous year. Neonazis marched in a traditionally working class and left wing neighbourhood […]